Our story.

 Mind your step! Our website is currently under construction.

March 4 Earth is a non-profit working to connect and empower Aussies (like you!) to live more sustainably.

March 4 Earth was founded in Tassie in 2019, by a few women who were passionately concerned about the lack or knowledge or awareness of climate change and its colossal impact on people and the planet. With many disengaging due to misinformation or ‘doom and gloom’ messaging – they knew something needed to change.

Together they created March 4 Earth,  believing that humour, education and giving people the opportunity to act would be a vehicle for social change.

March 4 Earth is kicking off its first fundraising campaign in March 2022. If all goes to plan, people all over Australia will be able to reduce their carbon footprint What’s a carbon footprint? Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) released into the air as a result of the way you live.Carbon is the biggest cause of human-made climate change, but other gases play a part too. They come from different sources, stay in the air for different amounts of time and warm up the planet to varying levels. Greenhouse gases are measured in carbon (CO2 equivalents). for 31 days in March while raising funds for rad environmental organisations.

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Our vision is simple.

Much like Plastic Free July or Movember, Aussies can take part in a challenge and raise funds for Aussie environmental organisations.

Participants can take Actions for Earth to reduce their footprint across the themes of energy, transport, waste, food, and clothing.

By getting involved you’ll help Aussies (and other earthlings) to create change so we can keep on enjoying our precious planet for years and years … and years to come!

A fair go for the planet is a fair go for all of us.

Now that’s hella fly.

How it works

This all sounds totally tubular, but what’s involved?

In 2022, users will be able to:

Create an account.
Choose actions.
Do challenges to earn rewards and learn more about how to reduce their carbon footprint.
Compete with other challengers for the top spot!
Tell family and friends to support the quest to save the planet by donating.
Share progress via social media.
We’ve got some big ideas, and we need BIG help. March 4 Earth is currently seeking funding partners, angel investors, supporters, and sponsors. Contact us if you can help or want to find out more.
Testing, testing, testing... our website is currently under construction and is being tested for our fundraising campaign in 2022. Yep, we're getting roasted. If you'd like to become a tester, please contact us